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Watch Our Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe

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Make the most perfect pizza at home

You can thank a fellow Joy of Kosher fan for this video. On our YouTube Channel YouTube.com/JOYofKOSHER, she posted a comment requesting that we share a video demonstrating pizza dough from scratch.

So even though the request was posted way back in November 2014,  we never forgot.  As soon as the first opportunity presented itself I called in an expert - my friend Chef Zissie of ChefZissie.com to help me create this video especially for her.

If you have any special requests for recipes and or videos leave them in the comments below. Stay tuned for our follow up video (coming next month) featuring the most incredible and unique pizza topping idea.  And yes this is the PERFECT PIZZA DOUGH!

This one's for you! 

Love you guys!!!

Full recipe can be seen and printed here.