The Tastiness of Tilapia

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Spicy Citrus Tilapia with Asian Noodles

Today is Tilapia Tuesday – well, at least this week. And yes, I confess to being an unabashedly biased fish lover, which is why this is Fish Week at JoK. Not sure why I chose this week; maybe because the weather is (finally!) beautiful and springy, and I start leaning toward lighter and heart-healthier proteins. I mean, there’s something about frosty winter nights that make a hearty beef dish just perfect. But then warm spring weather blows in, we start heading for lakes and beaches, and suddenly, I’m thinking of fish!

If you’ve never eaten tilapia, you’ve been missing out on a flaky, white delicacy that’s low in fat, low in calories (half the cals of salmon), low in carbs, high in protein and very versatile in recipes. Its mild flavor and light-bodied texture allow it to absorb seasonings and spices very well.

Roll that drum -- because I hereby present you with my recipe for a fresh-as-springtime Spicy Citrus Tilapia! It’s tangy and spicy and the perfect dish for a warm evening. Serve it with fluffy rice, angel hair pasta, or your favorite steamed veggies, with a nice glass of chilled white wine. To a fish lover, that is Heaven

Do you have a favorite fish? Share your best fish recipe with us!

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