Dinner Tonight - A Week of Menus - Lentil Burritos

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Lentil Burritos

This week we are still working through our chametz, how about you? I have some wheat berries to use up and of course more pasta, I have a large package of chicken wings in the freezer and more beans.  Let's see how we can use them up this week.

On Monday I like to go meatless and one of the best meatless meals is Mexican.  I usually use fake ground meat so we can have cheese with our  chili or burrtios, but this week let's try this recipe for Lentil Burritos.  Serve some salsa and guacamole and chips on the side.

Lentil Burritos

Lentil Burritos

Tuesday is a good day to use up those chicken wings and I happen to have some Hoisin to finish so I am going to make this recipe for Orange Hoisin Chicken Wings, except I am going to do them in the oven, but you can do what you need to, if you have regular chicken pieces the sauce would work equally well on those.  Serve with a side of rice and steamed broccoli.

Orange Hoisin Spiced Chicken Wings

For Wednsday I am going to try this Shiitake Beef and Barley Soup but I will use my wheat berries instead of the barley, got to use what we have.

Shiitake Beef and Barley Soup

Shiitake Beef and Barley Soup

On Thursday we do love an easy dinner.  I have a box of Orecchiette, little ears pasta, and I happen to have some pesto to use up in the freezer, I love this combo, but you can use what ever pasta you have and can either make fresh or use jarred pesto for this Pesto Pasta recipe.

pesto pasta with orchiette

Have a great week!!