Vegan Mains Perfect For Passover

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quinoa and mushrooms stuffed squash

Every year I get a few comments on my article, A Very Vegetarian Passover, which is a guide for vegetarians and vegans and those that host them.  The recipes are great, but tend to be a bit on the side dish variety.  Most vegans are used to sticking with the sides and most hosts don't have time to bother to make more, but in response to a few requests for more main dish type vegan Passover recipes, I have developed a few.


Portobello Carpaccio with Chimichurri

This is a really elegant appetizer for your vegan friends, very meat like, in fact you can even use the chimichurri for the real meat at the table.


Cauliflower Steaks with Tomato Sauce and Gremolata

Slicing large slabs of cauliflower and treating them like pan seared steaks, turns them into a vegan's delight.  A main course you can be proud of for anyone at your table.

eggplant rollups

Vegetable Stuffed Eggplant Rollatini

Leave the cheese behind in favor of vegetables and potatoes for a hearty filling  to these eggplant roll ups, perfectly vegan.


Persian Quinoa

This quinoa is baed on the classic Persian crispy rice, but since it has nuts and potatoes and some carrots, it is substatial enough to be a main course for a vegan at your table, but don't miss this recipe for Passover Quinoa Cholent, surprisingly good, keep the meat on the side if you have meat eaters around and they can mix it in themselves.

Finally, stuffed vegetables using other vegetables or quinoa can also be very satisfying. Try this recipe for Quinoa and Mushroom Stuffed Squash (main image above).