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The Rosh Hashanah Roast Guide

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The yontif roast can provoke anxiety in even the most experienced cook but my roast guide will help you put a fabulous feast on the table without too much drama. Here is my Ultimate Rosh Hashanah Roast Guide from!

Kitchen Tools For Roast Preparation: A good roast requires proper tools. Two items are essential: a fairly sturdy, shallow sided roasting pan and a digital meat thermometer. Useful but not essential is a good pair of tongs. All items are affordable and your investment will pay handsome returns.

Methods for Cooking the Perfect Holiday Roast: The formula for cooking meat is nearly foolproof: meat + heat + time = delicious. Tender cuts (steaks, chops, roasts) can tolerate higher heat for shorter periods; tougher cuts (briskets, chuck roasts, top of the rib) require lower heat, longer cooking times, and the addition of liquids.

Rosh Hashanah Recipes: Stuck for an idea? Here are some delicious roast options for your holiday table from our experts, writers, and chefs.