Share The Joy - Joy of Kosher Magazine Is A Perfect Purim Gift

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We share a special connection with Purim; after all, Purim is a time when we are mandated to increase our level of joy! At Joy of Kosher magazine, joy is on our minds all the time, as we endeavor to indulge our readers with a beautiful read, and a delightful culinary experience.

Purim, as a holiday, is more than fulfilling the four mitzvos (manos, mishteh, megillah, tzedaka); lots of you no doubt look forward to Purim as a time to let your creative juices flow, as the one-time-of-year you get to express yourself, by way of your shalach manos. For some of you, that means getting all artsy and cutesy and coming up with a great theme to send along with a creative poem. Other people prefer to convey a personal touch and send homemade goodies, ranging from cakes and cookies, to challah, to salads, to kugels, you name it. And yet others prefer to purchase a knick-knack or the like, something useful for your recipients, to still enjoy long after the purim nosh has been consumed. Wrap some store-bought chocolates and a grape juice in some cellophane, and those people are all set. No matter your shalach-manos-style, the common denominator we all share is that we view this special mitzvah as an opportunity to show the people we care about how much they mean to us.

Looking for that unique gift for your friends and family? How about your co-workers? Your children's dedicated teachers? Look no further than the Joy of Kosher magazine! A feast for the eyes as well as the senses (feasting is, after all, one of the obligatory mitzvos associated with Purim :), a gift subscription to Joy of Kosher magazine will be appreciated by all your recipients.  Indulge them with something beautiful, practical, and enjoyable, and they will thank you anew each time the magazine arrives on their doorstep. Looking for a more inexpensive, yet aesthetically pleasing option? We've got you covered as well: include a copy of the latest issue inside each shalach monos that you give. (Discounts on bulk orders.) Don't forget: the more you give, the more you save. This Purim, share the JOY - and get your gifts of Joy of Kosher today!

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