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In this week’s parsha (Eikev), Moses is reflecting on forty years of wandering in the desert, and reminds the Children of Israel how Hashem sustained them with daily manna from heaven.  The lesson Moses teaches is “that man does not live on bread alone, but by the utterance of Hashem’s mouth.”  We agree, but we still love our bread.  This week we are bringing the bread.  We celebrate with a challah recipe your guests will be hollering for (Jamie's special), a spectacular stuffing and a bountiful bread pudding.

Challah Onion Pocket

Challah Onion Pocket


Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

stuffed Veal Roast

Stuffed Veal Roast

If you don't like liver try this alternative Stuffed Veal Roast.

sauteed potatoes

Sauteed Potatoes

Spicy Sauted Leeks and Spinach

Spicy Sauteed Leeks and Spinach

Apple and Honey Bread Pudding

Apple and Honey Bread Pudding

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