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Shabbat Menu - Raise a Glass to Good Taste

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This week’s parsha includes a remarkable exemption from combat for those who either just built a home, planted a vineyard, married, or are afraid.  We can easily understand why to exempt a coward.  And as any new bride can appreciate, the first year without seeing your husband would be a grave injustice.  For the other categories, the Rabbis explain that it would be unfair to deny one who has exerted the extraordinary effort to build a home or plant a vineyard, the chance to enjoy the fruits of his labors.  I think these exemptions also reflect the values of creating a sustainable community and sanctifying your labor with the fruit of the vine.   Wine is a partnership between those who work the land and Hashem who creates the daily miracle of sun, water and air that makes great wine possible.  This week we highlight a Shabbat menu that includes wine in each course – raise a glass to good taste.

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