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Israeli Fruit Salad

This week's double parsha of Acharei Mot and Parsha Kedoshim we focus on the second part where many of the central ethical principles of our faith are described.  Set against the backdrop of Near Eastern civilizations awash in idol worship and inhuman sacrifice, it is all the more amazing to read the words of HaShem instructing the Jewish people to stand apart and be a light to the nations.  One of the most remarkable passages in this parsha, is the requirement to wait a total of five years after the planting of a tree in the Land of Israel before you may eat.  It goes against so many basic human desires – for immediate gratification, for dominion and for fruit salad.  Yet, we draw so many lessons about the value of patience, gratitude and respect for nature.  If you are looking for a yummy recipe that can work before or after a meal, try this Israeli Fruit Salad.  It’s worth the wait!

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Israeli Fruit Salad

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