8 Nights of Dairy Delights Starts with Savory Donuts

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savory baked donuts

Happy Chanukah everyone!!  It is here one of our favorite times of years to celebrate with chanukah parties, fried foods and lots of dairy.  Starting tonight along with the first night of Chaukah we are sharing 8 Days of Dairy Delights.  Two years ago we did Latkes, last year we did Crispy Treats and now we thought let's go with Dairy Delights.  After all it is a custom to eat dairy on Chanukah and I do love dairy.

When I was thinking of what I should contribute I wanted to be a little more creative.  I thought first about my Inside Out Stuffed Spinach and Artichoke Dip, perfect for a party, but it didn't feel like it related to Chanukah enough.  Then I kept seeing those donut pans and I thought what about using those pans to make a savory baked donut.  It could be healthy at least better than fried and it would be fun for Chanukah.  I have to say I love fake out foods.  When my husband came home and I asked him to taste these donuts, his first excited reaction was, "isn't that dessert?". When I laughed and said no, he took a bite and once he got over the confusion, he loved them.

I topped these donuts with a goat cheese icing, really just goat cheese softened and thinned a bit and so it is perfect for a breakfast or brunch.  Surprise everyone with these savory treats.  Note, a serving of two of these donuts comes to 200 calories and happens to be very filling.  So enjoy these Scallion Goat Cheese Donuts and stay tuned for 7 more Dairy Delights from all your favorite JoyofKosher.com contributors.