7 Yummiest Passover Treats

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7 Yummiest Passover Treats

Hurry children! Find that afikomen, pour the wine, and gather round... it's Passover time again! Get prepared to stuff your gourd as we showcase some of Passover's most favored treats.

Matzah: No passover is complete without matzah. Now I'm not talking the more digestable egg matzah...I'm talking straight-up, cardboard, take it like a man matzah.

Tam Tam: With the disappointment of the Manaschewitz plant not reaching full capacity last year, everyone's eagerly anticipating these matzah-like cracker creations. It would be safe to say our intestines rarely feel the same love... party on!

Horseradish: Part of the traditional seder plate, moror (or raw horseradish) is capable of bringing even the toughest man in the bunch to tears.

The Hillel Sandwich: Hillel used to say of his creation, the world's oldest sandwhich, "Man this thing is spicy!" Okay, maybe he didn't. Still, you can't ignore the alluring combination of matzah, moror and charoset sandwich.

Brisket: Nothing says "I love you" like the breast of a cow--or maybe that's diamonds. Anyhow, this is one of the more hearty servings of Passover and not just a favorite treat of Texans.

Passover Pizza: Come on, you know you buy this every year. You know it isn't pizza but the matrix tricks your mind into believing that it is pizza. And after your 10th box of matzah, what is there to complain about? It isn't half bad.

Kosher Wine: There are some wonderful kosher wines out there just waiting to be tried. Have your 4 required l'chaims and then some.  .