Mexican Fiesta Purim Seudah

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Go South of the Border for your Purim Seudah!  It falls on a Sunday, so no excuses!  CreativeJewishMom collaborates with Jamie Geller to help you create the perfect Mexican Fiesta Seudah with everything from the colorful vase to the poblanos. Ole!

It all starts with the right tablecloth, in this case, a Mexican blanket. and some bright crepe paper flowers. If you can't find a Mexican blanket, any colorful (preferably woven) table cloth can certainly work.  Bring out all the colorful dishes you own, paint some whimsical styrofoam fruit, and make some napkin rings from plastic bottles and a recycled bleach bottle to match. Just look how great this table looks! If you don't have any colorful glasses, or would like to add some to your table, it is super easy and a great project for the kids.

Decorating the table is a snap!  Remember to pile on the layers— stacks of colorful dishes, single crepe paper flowers strewn here and there, and extra fruit to make the table look it's best!  You can use those individual fruits as place markers if you like... simply attach a little flag (with your guest's name) with a piece of twine or yarn.

To complete the look in your home, hang some Mexican sombreros (now available for Purim at costume stores), some crepe paper streamers, and papel picado (Mexican tissue paper banners) if you can find it, or make some yourself! And of course, don't forget the candy-filled Pinata, a perfect finale for your fiesta!

To make the Recycled Beach Bottle Vase:

Mexican Fiesta

You'll Need:

  • an empty bleach container, or really any large plastic bottle (like fabric softener or other household cleaning fluids); it doesn't have to be round
  • a fun combo of yarn in a variety of thicknesses and colors
  • a hot glue gun

How To:

  1. Cut off the top of your bleach bottle with a large sharp knife, and then use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the bottom section so it's an even height all around. (Make sure to wash out the bottle!)
  2. Attach the first piece of yarn with a dab of hot glue at the end and start wrapping, adding very small dots of hot glue along the way. Change colors as desired, wrapping the whole height of the bottle.
  3. That's it! If you'd like to use this as a basket as opposed to a vase, you might want to finish the top edge with a strip of felt that's glued to both the outside and the inside in order to hide the upper rim.
  4. Have fun wrapping all the cans and bottles you can get your hands on, and create a stunning table grouping them in rows or other more creative designs.

For the meal:

Jamie Geller's Quick & Kosher favorites: Corn Salad, Mexican Brisket, Stuffed Poblanos, Mexican Pasta, and finish with Banana Chocolate Parfait

Don't forget the Mexican Mishloach Manot!  Lay a colorful napkin in a basket and fill with Salsa, Chips, Beans, Rice and Avocados.

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