Crispy Chanukah Delights

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nutella banana eggroll

So I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I love fried foods. After all I am not the official dietician on our site -- I leave the uber healthy stuff to Tamar. When we were deciding what to do for the 8 nights of Chanukah - since the 8 nights of latkes concept felt so played out - (and in fact we have over 50 recipes for latkes) I said to Tamar "I've got it! 8 nights of Fried Desserts!" She was like "What? No way!" The professional in her couldn't let go. But I did my duty and convinced her our readers and the world will love this. It's Chanukah - it's practically a mitzvah to fry. So since I covered Savory Fried Treats in the Nov/Dec issue of JoK magazine we are focusing on sweet crispy delights on So 8 nights, 8 treats from me and all our "professional" friends, like Jeff Nathan, Alessandra Rovati, Chef Laura and more!! You may hate me for it, but after you taste my Nutella Banana Egg Rolls I do think you will be thanking me!

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