Countdown to Passover Tip #22: Pre-Passover Sabbath


Make this coming Shabbat Passover-only.

Alright, we're a little more than a weekend away from  the start of Passover. If you've joined us on our spiritual quest to prepare our homes in time for pesach, you're probably ready for the holiday to arrive. Sure, sure, there are some minor things to do on Saturday night after shabbat and on Sunday, but using Professional Organizer Rivka Slatkin's tips, there shouldn't be any hair-tearing moments of panic coming your way.  Yesterday, Rivka suggested preparing seder plate items in advance so Monday morning before the first seder is less stressful. Today, Rivka has some thoughts about handling the sabbath right before Passover (personally, my family and I will be having our challah on the deck) …

Tip #22: Only kosher-for-Passover for shabbat—eat in the dining room on plastic. After shabbat, the tablecloth is literally thrown out the door. The dining room should be the last room you change over for Passover.

As we finish up the prep, my mind turns to dessert (hey, why not?).

Recipe #22:Chocolate-Covered Matzos

or Matzo Caramel Crunch or Matzo Toffee Crunch (pictured)

What says Passover more than matzo and who doesn't like chocolate? 'Nuff said.

Check back here for tomorrow's tip and recipe! For

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