3 New Honey Cake Recipes - Joy of Kosher

Everyone has a classic honey cake recipe that they love. Whether the cake is from their Bubby, friend, neighbor, or a previous issue of Joy of Kosher Magazine (or joyofkosher.com), good, old-fashioned honey cakes are pretty much covered. 

In honor of this new year, we decided to offer up some new, updated versions on the classic Rosh Hashanah dessert, with fabulous results.      


Honey Cake Doughnuts are the perfect Rosh Hashanah treat

These honey crumb doughnuts have just the right amount of sweetness with a touch of honey flavor. They are soft, tender, and sweet and the crumb topping adds a bit of crunch. These doughnuts are the perfect way to end your holiday meal and I love the idea of an individual dessert that is all dressed up and ready to be served to family and friends. They can also be made into muffins or mini muffins.


Honey Bundt Cake will wow everyone

If you are looking for a decadent cake soaked in honey, this is it! This cake is super moist and sweet with a prominent honey FLavor that pairs perfectly with the whiskey.    


Honey Angel Food cake is soft and fluffy

This cake is the perfect dessert for the end of a big meal. It’s tender, light, and airy and has just the slightest touch of honey. Honey angel food cake is a great alternative to the traditional sweet, dense, and heavy honey cake. The glaze is optional but highly recommended!