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Kosher Pastured Raised Top of the Rib *Giveaway*

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Using only seven ingredients, our signature concept, our Red Wine Top of the Rib recipe is easy to make and is fall-apart delicious! The trick to tenderized, fall-apart meat is to slice it against the grain after the initial cooking process and then to put it back in the oven for a final roast. We highly recommend that you use red wine that you can enjoy after the recipe is complete; try a full flavored wine such as a Merlot or a Shiraz. The red wine adds so much flavor to the recipe and may help to tenderize the meat as well.

In addition to the importance of choosing a well-paired wine, the choice of meat is also key. We used Grow & Behold's Top of the Rib to make this recipe. This cut of meat can be compared to a brisket in terms of its cooking method and texture. The difference is that the top of the rib is smaller and tenderer. What makes Grow & Behold meats so different is the way they raise their animals. The cattle are raised in an environmentally safe and managed pasture. The majority of the animals' diet is grass-based. These animals are raised by the dozens, not by the thousands. Additionally, all cattle are humanely slaughtered and Glatt Kosher.

Get our full recipe for Red Wine Top of the Rib and then check out our Giveaway for your chance to WIN!!!  If you missed the last two week's, click here for Kosher Duck Confit and here for Slow Roasted Chicken how-tos and recipes.

***Giveaway*** Win with Grow and Behold!!!   This week's winner is Robyn Paris, congratulations, but don't worry you still have one more chance for the grand prize Brisket!! Enter now - keep commenting and entering for more chances.

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This post and giveaway is sponsored by Grow & Behold.