Gefilte Fish Recipes

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spiced gefilte fish

There is a popular custom to eat fish on Shabbat and many people regularly start the Shabbat meal with a cold fish appetizer like gefilte fish.  It is nice to have something you can make ahead and serve cold, but that doesn't mean it has to be the same each week.   To be honest growing up with jarred gefilte, I never thought I liked any form of gefilte.  In college I was introduced to the frozen loaf and found that it actually could taste quite good and doesn't have to come with jelly.  Since then I have found so many new ways to make and serve a cold fish appetizer and have been inspired by Jamie's ideas too.  Here are some new ways to serve and old food.

Starting with Jamie's famous Spiced Gefilte Fish, so gorgeous it made the cover of her first book, Quick & Kosher From the Bride who Knew Nothing.  Now it is time for you to try it.

Gefilte Fish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

Gefilte Fish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

For something that really changes it up try these gefilte cakes, they are easy to make using jarred or frozen gefilte loaves, but even those gefilte haters will enjoy.

Gefilte and Salmon Terrine

Gefilte Fish Terrine

I learned to make a fish terrine like this when I was in Paris quite a few years back, but then made it easier by using a defrosted loaf of gefilte.  The spinach can still be difficlut to work with, but once you get the hang of it, it is worth it.  You will love how gorgeous it comes out.

Spinach Gefilte Fish

spinach gefilte

Or if you don't want to fuss with spinach leaves on the outside, make this incredibly easy oven baked spinach gefilte fish, I have converted many so called gefilte haters over to the love side with this recipe.

Then of course you could go the homemade route or try this very different fish terrine made from Halibut and Salmon, it really isn't a gefilte fish, but does make a perfect cold fish appetizer.