Quick blender sauces take any food to flavor town. A quick whirr in a blender and you are done.

With a nod to several different cuisines you can make all your favorite sauce in under 5 minutes with less than 5 ingredients.  Serve them to dress up your veggies, your grilled or baked chicken, fish and meat.  

These quick sauces will change your life. 


chimichurri blender sauce

This yummy Argentina sauce is amazing with steak, but equally great with chicken, fish and even veg.

Don’t get hung up on specific amounts, we are looking for fresh, bright flavors.


sugo crudo blender sauce

This sauce is light and very fresh. Raw and ripe tomatoes right off the vine are brightly flavored and perfect for summer. Toss with cooked pasta and serve cold. 


green goddess blender sauce

Green Goddess is perfect as a dip, salad dressing, or sauce for salmon, chicken, or turkey.


blender hollandaise

Make a creamy no fail hollandaise in your blender. Perfect for homemade eggs Benedict or to dress up veggies.