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Win a Gift Basket For a Friend In Israel

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For when you can’t be there, send a “sweet hug”…because you love them!!

Gili’s Goodies was founded by Gail and David Ehrlich, immigrants from New York, in their home in Efrat, Israel 2001.

Starting from their home kitchen with a small household mixer, Gili took her home recipes and began making people smile.

Now, 12 years and thousands of packages later, people worldwide have come to trust Gili’s Goodies for their high quality product, reliable, friendly and personalized service and basically for “always being there” when you need them!

Gili’s sends birthday cakes, gift baskets, balloons, wine, chocolates, flowers and LOTS more..ANYWHERE in Israel!

In addition, Gili’s runs holiday campaigns and has distributed thousands of “goodie packages”(or provides holiday parties) to IDF soldiers, the elderly and homebound through Yad Sarah and special need children through SHALVA.


When ordering on line..use the DISCOUNT CODE “JAMIE” for a 10% discount!

Gili's Goodies is giving one lucky winner this Shabbat Gift Platter, pictures above.

This is a unique gift which can be used for Shabbat, Holiday or any occasion. A ceramic serving dish containing assorted nuts, assorted dried fruits and assorted chocolates. This comes with a FRESH BAKED Gili's Goodies Brownie greeting card..which can be customized for any occasion. The giveaway can be redeemed any time except for one week before any Jewish Holiday.