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Vote for the Best Cake Recipe

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Thank you to all who entered our cake recipe contest for October.

We want to give a warm shout out to our friend Katherine Martinelli who helped us test and photograph the cakes.  There were so many good choices and so many holidays to bake cake for that we were happy to test.  There was the Little Chocolate Cherry Cakes, the Marmalade Spiced Honey Cake, the German Plum Cake that gets a strong honorable mention and the two finalists, the Cinnamon Bun Cake by Nechama  and the Red Grape Cake with Olive Oil by imarealtor.

While they were all great recipes with a few notes we put in the comments, these two are our finalists for originality and taste.

To vote, click on the recipe below and give the recipe a “thumbs up”.  The recipe with the most thumbs up ratings by 9am on October 31st will win and the winner will be announced in the comments on this page.

Red Grape Cake with Olive Oil is the WINNER!!

Red Grape Cake

Red Grape Cake with Olive Oil by imarealtor33162

cinnamon bun cake final

Cinnamon Bun Cake by Nechama