Summer Recipe Series Week 2 Round-Up: Kosher Drinks

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With week two of our Summer Recipe Series in the rearview mirror, I hope you are all feeling thoroughly refreshed! With healthy smoothies to start your day, refreshing afternoon pick-me-ups, and fab evening cocktails to help you forget about it all, I hope you found a new summer favorite to enjoy. Here’s a round-up of last week’s kosher drink recipes in case you missed any of our fruity fun.

Now that we’re hydrated and maybe a little buzzed, it’s time to think main course! Starting Wednesday night - when chicken is "officially" back on the menu - my mantra will be ‘flavorful simplicity.’ Chicken is an excellent source or protein, low on carbs, (who doesn’t need that!) and with a few spices or a tangy marinade, you can reinvent the chicken with each meal.

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