Rosh Hashanah Gefilte Fish Recipe

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Gefilte Fish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

Some things in life just inspire me – like fish. No really.  There are so many species of fish with different flavors, textures and colors: I look at ’em the way an artist views the paints on his palette. That piece of fish lying there is a raw material (literally!) just waiting to be turned into something fantastique.

So Rosh Hashanah is coming up and I start getting serious about the stuff in my life that matters: my family, my friends, my aspirations – my holiday menu. Okay, so maybe your Yuntif menu is not at the top of your prayer list. It’s not at the top of mine either, but it’s there alright.  I think of the food that I serve as a way of honoring these special days, and of giving my family and guests the good-in-your-gut feeling that helps them appreciate all the fab things G-d has given them.

And I come up with…Gefilte Fish for my first course

Screech! That’s the sound of the breaks on my menu motor.

So it’s not going to win prizes for novelty. But honestly, I have to work with a husband who can’t stand fish except for canned tuna and jarred gefilte: the “hotdog” of the fish world.   He’ll tolerate frozen gefilte loaves if I do something remarkable with ’em.

Hey, who am I to judge?As pristine and posh as I like to think my palate is, my all-time fave food is mac and cheese out of a box. So hubby has his culinary crutches, I have mine.  This is the time of year to forgive.

This RH we’ll compromise with Gefite Fish Cakes that can be made with either a completely defrosted 20-22oz. frozen loaf or a 24 oz. jar of gefilte (sans jelly– which of course I love and he hates), broken up with a fork.

Join me on this one, folks, because you’re gonna love this recipe, along with your not-so-crazy-about-fish loved ones. It’s a special Quick & Kosher Rosh Hashanah rendition of the classic gefilte fish,mixing in diced red onion, red pepper, celery, s&p, some mayo (for both flavor and binding) along with an egg (for more of a binder) and crushed matzah (not matzah meal). Fry these babies up and serve ‘em with a lemony mayo horseradish sauce and the new year starts to look a whole lot brighter.

I think next year I’ll try gefilte in a puff pastry (one of hubby’s other fave foods) so he can fall in love with me all over again.


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