/RECIPE/ Grilled Chicken Thigh's (PARGIYOT)

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Week 34 Grilled Chicken

This recipe is perfect for summer time grilling! This is a get in there and get it done (fast!!!) recipe. Crazy, but good! 2 ingredients + 1 grill = happy family meal!

Such a quick and simple recipe. Take your chicken and let it marinade in Teriyaki sauce for a few hours. Magic in a ziplock ;) Then grill away. This recipe also works well for chicken breast. So even if you can't get your hands on Pargiyot or just prefer the whiter side of the bird this recipe works for everyone!!!

Maybe it was just my Teriyaki sauce but it did cause my grill to flame up a bit more that usual. So keep you eye on it but other than that you should be good to go!

All the best!