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Hava narisha … Esther, Mordecai … Purim's Here!


This year Purim falls on Sunday, February 28, 2010 (the fun really begins on Saturday night).

The Story of Purim

The Web is a like a limitless well of Purim information, but for the basics check out the Purim pages at Wikipedia, Holidays.netChabad, Judaism 101, Jewish Virtual Library, and My Jewish Learning.

This printable Purim guide from Chabad offers a run down on Purim traditions and mistvot. The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation tackles some tough  Purim questions in their Purim FAQs.

Kids' Purim Activities

Stuck for a costume for you or the kids? Sarah Zeldman shows you how to make 9 easy and inexpensive, no-sew Purim costumes.

Learn to make an animal mask with Babaganewz's Purim Mask Craft or sing along with High School Megillah. And who can pass up Jewpardy the Purim Edition!

Need an easy Purim art project? Check out the coloring pages at Aish.com and TorahTots.com coloring pages. Or surf to Holidays.net's Purim Craft Project page for a variety of fun activities.

Misloach Manot and Purim Treats

Holidays.net has a primer on creative Purim baskets to help you take your mishloach manot to the next level. (Of course, you can also send  Purim baskets and gift platters at Kosher.com!)

For hamentashen recipes and tips, check out Aish.com's hamentashen page or Kosher.com's collection of hamentashen recipes.

To help you get your fill of food and drink this Purim, check out these recipes from Jamie Geller guaranteed to put some spirit into your Purim celebrations.

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