Our Summer Magazine is Out!!

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With this super summer issue, we’re cooking on all four burners—plus the grill! When I was growing up, our backyard grill was in perpetual BBQ mode. And the food was more tantalizing than any other time of the year, because I come from a long line of men who LOVED to cook. One grandfather was the owner and chef at a gourmet restaurant and my other grandfather’s nickname was “Chefu,” Romanian for chef. The supercook gene passed to my father who never, and I mean never, measured anything—he just cooked everything to perfection! So Chefu Jr. wasn’t much help when I was learning to cook, unless I could follow him around with measuring spoons and cups in hand. To add insult to ignorance, my hubby comes from a family of caterers and only he knows the “right way” to grill.

Telling myself that I’ve got the family DNA to succeed, I wanted to show them all! I experimented with BBQ favorites until I could serve up some really good old American classic and not-so-classic burgers. But unlike my predecessors, I wrote down the recipes, with measurements, mind you. You can find them on page 56. Maybe the men in my family have a better way, but this is my way! So, this summer edition is a salute to doing things your way, marching to the beat of your own kitchen drummer.

You’ll see what I mean when you get a look at the wonderfully creative ideas in this issue: it’s bursting with flavors and individuality, tricks and tastes for every palate. Sample our colorful French fries, incredible pickles, nine different burgers, summer salads, and those refreshing iced tea coolers you prepared with your kids!

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