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One Skillet Dinners

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Cozy, No-Fuss Family Meals… In One Pan!

To me, there’s nothing worse than having to wash every pot and pan you own after preparing a terrific meal. Give me a good one pan recipe, and I’m your BFF! These five savory recipes were designed to serve four hearty portions using only your average kitchen staple—a 12-inch skillet. Now here’s my little secret: I am the proud, doting owner of an extra-large 13½- x 3-inch (6-quart) sauté pan. This oversized darlin’ allows me to double these recipes so I can serve family and guests in half the time. One great pan = one great meal. Who needs the extra clean-up?

When it comes to cozy winter dinners, roast chicken works overtime, warming our hearts and our tummies with its traditional and rustic character. A little white wine, rosemary, and lemon, plus a hefty serving of baby potatoes in assorted colors, make this bird a simple, reliable classic.

This hearty breakfast can double as dinner—no problem. And looky-here, those sweet potatoes and multicolor peppers make a more colorful and elegant hash than your run-of-the-mill version.

A little south-of-the-border flair for Sunday night dinner.

A piece of fresh halibut is ultra-low in fat (YAY!), doesn’t require much seasoning, and bakes up beautifully to an appealing snow white. Not a
“fishy” fish, its taste is really clean, and it has a nice, firm texture.  (Did I say YAY?)

Piping hot rice and beans with veggies and cheese provide an abundance of textures and flavors sure to satisfy everyone on a frosty night.

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