Mexican Burgers

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Mexican Burgers with Flour Tortillas

Since moving to Israel I now eat hummus and tehina and schug with everything.  Everything.  My eggs, my salads, my burgers.  Growing up in the good ‘ol USA I loaded my burgers with the usual, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, plus lots of ketchup – nestled in the expected sesame bun sandwich.  One of the cool culinary perks of moving across the ocean is the exposure to a whole new world of flavors and food traditions.  I’ve become a lot more adventurous in the kitchen.  It goes without saying that regional foods have become staples but I am also exercising and opening up my palate in lots of new ways.


Here are my turkey ktzitzot before and after - a riff on my beef ktzitzot from p.33 of my new JOY of KOSHER Cookbook.   Loaded with onions, garlic and fresh parsley, spiced with sumac, cumin and cinnamon, and served with (you guessed it!) hummus, tehina, and schug.

My Mexican inspired burgers are filled with black beans and ancho chili powder and topped with guacamole and chili peppers.  Serve your burgers with warm flour tortillas, fresh lime wedges and rice with corn and peppers.  Spicy hot is the one new sensation I love adding to wake up lots of dishes.  So in my opinion hot sauce is a MUST here.  But then that’s only my opinion.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a burger?

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