Light Version of a Deli Roll

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Just like the color black, the classic shoe and cashmere – deli meat never goes out of style. Add mustard (or mayo, depending on your preference) and the deli craving is satisfied whether you go with rye or go bun-less.

To the best of my knowledge, the traditional deli roll is only traditional in a kosher kitchen, sort of like gefilte fish. G-d bless the balabusta who invented this little bit of heaven: take a bite of the layered deli meat rolled in flaky, savory puff pastry with a shmear of mustard – and you’ll know what I mean.

But it’s a guilt-ridden pleasure. I am forever searching for a way to cut the cals and still be satisfied. I mean – shouldn’t it be possible to replace the sacred deli roll without impairing your spiritual Shabbos experience?

Hubby says no. And while I must agree that there are no true replacements for the classic deli roll, the classic chocolate chip cookie, or your cashmere sweater, there are variations that are stylish and satisfying and can do the trick from time to time.

My solution is light, tasty, and healthier. Deli Roll Pinwheels with Chopped Salad still has the meat, but less guilt.

Ask your butcher to slice the lean deli, and if he’s feeling charitable to remove all the visible fat (otherwise you can do that on your own). Use light mayonnaise and a whole wheat wrap instead of the puff pastry and you’ve got a pretty delish dish in minutes.

I can’t say this will replace your traditional deli roll forever, but it’s a wicked good takeoff on the idea, and one that should be in your repertoire.

Indulging in comments doesn’t add even an ounce, so let me know the secrets of your masterpiece deli roll. Do you use mustard or mayo? Duck sauce on top, or egg? Sesame seeds?

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