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Kosherfest: I Came, I Saw, I Ate!

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This week I went to Kosherfest at the NJ Meadowlands, that mega-food expo that lets professional foodies, industry types and just everyday folks savor the newest products.  It's been going on annually for more than twenty years, but this was my first time there. What can I say, I'm hooked!  Picture two solid days with thousands of people tasting and sniffing, munching and crunching on tantalizing samples all day long.  And the aromas … out of this world.

We brought our giant cart with us, filled to the top and overflowing with as many of our 15,000 groceries as our creative and hard-working team could stuff into it. I got to meet face-to-face with so many people.  And, of course, I ate a ton of great food.  I'm told that there were more than 500 newly kosher certified foods introduced at the show. Hey, somebody had to try them all, right?  The hardest part of it was strategically planning the dairy options around meat.  I was glad I held off on the meat samples on the first day, because by the end of the day I craved my favorite dairy coffee beverage—J&J Iced Cappuccino.  It was set up water cooler style, with cups that you could fill to your heart's content!

Koshercart's Giant Cart Rolls into Kosherfest

While the eating was amazing, there's serious food biz happening in Kosherfest's  aisles.  I came across some amazing finds, like OU-certified organic baby food, "ice cream" made out of almonds and cashews and some out-of-this-world bakery innovations from Israel. Look for my next post to get all the deets!