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Kosherfest: Best of the Best

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This week I visited Kosherfest, the world's largest kosher food show. Here are the products that the official panel voted best in class in the New Products Competition.  (They were judged on the basis of newness, quality, taste, saleability and retail price.) If you're interested in these or any kosher food products, check us out at With 15,000 kosher food items including fresh meat and baked goods, we have something for everyone.

Kosherfest 2009 Best in Class Winners

  • Best In Show - Luck Chen Asian Noodles (5 flavors)
  • Best Baked Good, Bread, Grain or Cereal - Sarah's Tent Potato Bourekas
  • Best Beverage - True Toniq DBA Brain Toniq, Brain Toniq
  • Best Cheese or Dairy - Get Healthy America Lasagna Florentine
  • Best Dessert, Candy, Cookie or Cracker - Illinois Nut & Candy Smooth & Crunchy Peanut Butter Bark
  • Best Food Service Product - Custom Candy Concepts, Inc, Picture Cookies
  • Best Packaging/Design - True Toniq DBA Brain Toniq, 4-pack Brain Toniq
  • Best Kosher Organic - Quality Frozen Foods Organic Batter Blaster
  • Best Snack Food - Osem USA, Inc. Bamba Peanut Snack w/ Hazelnut Cream Filling
  • Best Fine Food from Israel - Blue & White Foods LLC Falafel with Tehina Filling
  • Best Giftware/Novelty - Kosherkeepers® by Plastic Packaging Corp Food Kosherkeepers® Food Storage Containers
  • Best Jam, Preserve or Spread - Oxygen Imports Mixed Berry Blast
  • Best Meat, Poultry or Seafood - Kosher Valley Chicken Breast Cutlets
  • Best Wine, Beer or Spirit - The Natural Group/Kedem Elvi Sintonia Sangria
  • Best Savory Condiment, Spice, Sauce, Oil, Vinegar or Dressing - Streit's Matzos Asian Mel's Gourmet sauce Line
  • Best Passover Product - Zelda's Sweet Shoppe Zelda's Orange Chiffon Cake
  • Best Health & Wellness - Green Rabbit, LLC MimicCreme Coffee Creamer
  • Best Pasta, Rice, Bean or Soup - Luck Chen Asian Noodles

So that's it. Plenty to keep us busy tasting and trying until Kosherfest 2010. You know I'll be there!