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Kosherfest: 5 New Finds

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Kosherfest, which took place this week at the NJ Meadowlands,  is the the largest kosher food exhibition in the world. This was my first visit and will not be my last. There was an amazing collection of vendor showcases, cooking demos, and new food finds. (And did I mention you get to taste stuff?)

These are my top 5 finds from the show, in no particular order:

OU certified glatt kosher organic baby food from a company called Petite Select.  What's the big deal?  Take a look at these innovative flavors in infant cuisine: Arroz con Pollo, Shepherd's Pie, and Mango Jamba!  A real chef (and real mom) created these and they're delish.  In the coming days, I'll post my video interview with her.  Her friend and business partner actually created a dessert called "The Smart Cookie" which is the antithesis of the Jessica-Seinfeld-style-sneak-pureed-beets-and-spinach-into-your-brownies kind of dessert.  These cookies are actually beet red and green, and your little ones will still love them.


A sensational classic vinaigrette called Garlic Expressions from LaMar Foods. I didn't get a chance to try it at the Kosherfest, but it got such raves that I took home a bottle.  First, I tasted it cautiously; then, I poured it all over my salad.  When I ran out of lettuce, I put the bowl to my lips.  I'm very picky about my salad dressing, people, and I tell you this one is an experience.


MimicCrème ice cream mix is made from almonds and cashews.  (You actually make the ice cream yourself.) Before recommending it, I tasted the finished product—ten times—just to be sure.  I wouldn't want to mislead you.


A new soup with no MSG: Manischewitz Chicken Broth. Though it's a new product, it's already a huge seller at (Check out my video interview with David Yale, prez of Manischewitz. I'll post it as soon as I can.)

Israel's famous Angel Bakery, which had a  booth the size of a small village, was a favorite stop.  The same parent company distributes bourekas to die for, as well as  Passover "pizza dough," " breads" and cakes (under the Eytan label).  It's the solemn truth that I would eat these year round.  They also make cool vegetarian cutlet options, and a new line of Hungarian salamis that made this Hungarian gal go crazy for them.

Angel Bakey

These were my favorites, folks. I'll post the list of what the official panel voted best in class in the New Products Competition soon.