2010 National Food Store Now Open - Joy of Kosher 2010 National Food Store Now Open

Publish date: 2010 National Food Store Now Open

Place Your Passover Food Orders Now!

Whether you live in Indianapolis, New Orleans or Juneau, Alaska, the Passover 2010 National Superstore is open and ready to take your order. The store will remain open and accepting orders from February 7th through February 17th, 2010.

Only 10 Days to Order for Passover from

That's right, Passover 2010 orders being shipped nationally will ONLY be accepted from February 7th to February 17th. So, whether you are ordering from's extensive selection of kosher for Passover meat (including beef, chicken, lamb, veal, turkey as well as harder-to-find kosher for Passover bison and kosher for passover organic beef), kosher for passover groceries or matzos, you gotta' do it now! Passover 2010 Food Market National Delivery Terms

Orders containing Passover products will be shipped out as the products become available (beginning the last week of February or the first week of March, 2010), so please order non-Passover items separately.

Passover quantities are limited; reserves the right to substitute products if items become unavailable.

Remember, if you live outside of's local delivery zones in the New York City Metropolitan area, there are only 10 days to order your Passover meats, groceries and matzos. Click here to get started on your Passover order.