Kosher Jambalaya

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Jambalaya (just love the way that rolls off my tongue) is a Creole dish that combines meat, veggies and rice. It’s one of those one pot suppers that’s a cinch to clean up.

It’s scrumptious, filling, and now it’s Quick & Kosher too! The original authentic dish calls for seafood, so I tweaked it to create a kosher version and came up with Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya. And it really hits the spot.

You can even use leftover chicken from Shabbos instead of fresh chicken breast. Who’s gonna know?

Mention to your friends that you’re making Jambalaya for din din and watch their eyes roll. It makes you look like a culinary globe trotter.  And you are – virtually.

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What exotic dishes do you like to make - and what do you use to substitute for non-kosher ingredients if there are any?