Kosher Cooking Carnival #49

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t's December and as befits the month that hosts Chanukah and the start of winter,  Kosher Cooking Carinval #49 is all about comfort food and the comfort of food.


The Festival of Lights shines with intensity as Leora tries a new ingredient in Latkes at  Jew Wishes on: Latkes and Hanukkah—Fourth Night; posted at Jew Wishes.

Batya ponders the "lighter side" of the holiday in Low Carb, Low Fat Chanukah. Can it Be Done?; posted at me-ander..

Diner Delights

Gloria Kobrin offers A Nice Simple Meat Loaf.  Perfect for an easy winter dinner!; posted at Kosher Cookbook App.

Our very own Jamie Geller hosts a December 25th Brunch with an Asian Kick that works anytime you have a hankering; posted at the Blog.

Feats of "Dairy-ing-do"

Mimi54 prepares us all for winter with Sometimes The Only Thing To Do Is Make Hot Chocolate; posted at Israeli Kitchen. Really now, what could be better!

Elisson displays a penchant for blintzes and an awesome recipe in CHEESE, LOUISE; posted at Blog d'Elisson.

Treppenwitz seconds the emotion and offers a personal reminiscence with Say Cheese; posted at

Soups On!

Blessed are the soupmakers (especially when it's freezing out)!

Leora does a round up of 22 soup recipes in  Soup Beautiful Soup » Here in HP, Highland Park, New Jersey blog; posted at Here in HP.

G6 serves up the n'est plus ultra of winter elixirs in French Onion Soup—The Conclusion; posted at Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.


SoccerDad reminds us about the wonder of Cookies; posted at Soccer Dad.

Theo revisits a long forgotten recipe: Della Lutes' Organic Apple Dowdy Recipe; posted at Organic Test Kitchen.

G6 presents the traditional German spice cake, Lebkuchen; posted at Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Win Friends with Salad

Sweet and savory compete in the salad category where Devo K offers Moroccan Eggplant Salad; posted at In the middle, on the right.

And Batya presents Finally, Fruit Salad; posted at me-ander.

Jerusalem Restaurant Roundup

Batya looks into the Best Salad Deal! and the New Menu at Anna Ticho House; both posted at me-ander

Food for Thought

Batya wonders if there Are There Really 613 Seeds in A Pomegranate?, the same as the number of mitsvot in the Torah; posted at me-ander.

Kaitlyn Cole offers 101 Ways to Hack Your College Cafeteria | Online Colleges; posted at Online

Lisa Taylor considers 10 Common Myths About Eating Disorders; posted at Physical Therapy Assistant Schools.

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