A Crowd-Pleasing Crispy Artichoke Heart Recipe

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crispty artichoke hearts

When it comes to artichokes most people fall into one of two camps: those who know how to eat them and those who don’t. There is a method to eating them after they have been gently cooked - removing the leaves and biting off the sweet “meat” after it has been dipped into butter or sauce.

Even yummier is the heart of the artichoke. It’s a little taste of heaven, if cooked right. Personally, I recommend using kosher-certified artichoke hearts that come in a jar or frozen. Buying them in this form instead of fresh solves three problems:

• Kashrus concerns: According to the Star K, “Artichokes are very often infested with insects that are quite difficult to see. The only way to eat them would be to pull off each raw leaf and wash it while rubbing vigorously under a stream of water to remove any insects.”
• Trying to get to the heart without pricking your fingers on the thorns.
• Knowing how long to cook them –it can be tricky.

So grab a jar and try a fabulous crowd-pleaser: Crispy Artichoke Hearts. It won’t take you more than fifteen minutes to serve up this delicious appetizer. It’s crispy on the outside and deliciously soft in the center: this is the heart of perfection!

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