Kitchen Hacks: Learn How To Braise

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Braising is one of my favorite cooking techniques. This cooking method combines dry and moist heat. First the food is seared at high heat to achieve browning and deep caramelization and then the food is cooked, covered in a flavorful liquid until tender and cooked through.

This cooking method is perfect for economy cuts of meat, thick and fibrous vegetables and anytime you want a flavorful “stew” type of dish. Pressure cooking and slow cookers both are forms of braising.

Most braises follow the same steps. First an item is browned over high heat, to enhance color and flavor, through the Maillard Reaction, and then the food is cooked in a flavorful liquid, usually with some sort of acidic element (wine, beer, or vinegar) and a good stock, until the food is tender. The food is removed and the braising liquid is reduced to a glaze to be served as a sauce.

Try out my technique by making my Artichoke Barigoule.


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