Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider for Winter Time

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hot chocolate

It's cold out. Well kinda cold out. Not exactly bone chilling yet here in NY but I've got my coat on and that little chill that comes with a whisper of winter. This all means it's time to warm the tummy, yours and your kiddies' with special hot drinks. There are few things that say "I love you", "I made this special for you" and give people that warm and fuzzy feeling -  a cup of homemade hot cocoa does just that. In this case it's triple chocolate hot cocoa so that must mean you really, really, really love the beneficiary of this treat (ehm, yourself). Ahot spiced apple cider is a slightly more sophisticated way to say "you mean something to me" unless of course your special somebody (ehm, Hubby) would prefer that hot cocoa. I love you all so here from my heart to yours some special warm winter recipes to fill your mugs.