Joy of Kosher Magazine is the Perfect Gift

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After working on this magazine and holding the final, expanded, special  Israel/Chanukah edition in hand I knew immediately I needed to write you all a dedicated email.

It's worth saying that since our merger with the talented and award-winning Bitayavon team our ALL NEW magazine has enjoyed a HUGE upgrade.  We use words like jam-packed, chock-full, can't-miss but those words start to feel empty, they tend to be so overused like most calls for action these days tend to be so overstated.  So instead I will quote dear JoK friend and frequent online and magazine contributor Melinda Strauss who said we "killed it" this issue.  And honestly she is totally spot on.

Shifra Klein Editor-in-Chief of our mag knows no bounds, really none.  She works till all hours of the night and day to fill the pages of the magazine with meaningful, valuable, practical, useful, drop-dead fabulous content.  This expanded 84 page issue has more in it than most 150+ page magazines.  We have completely outdone ourselves and are starting to find a real groove bringing you the best of the best of both mags and creating lots of new bests as we go.

And think about it, you get 4x MORE professional, tested, tried and true recipes (almost 500!) in an annual subscription than you do from an average cookbook, for about half the price (when you gift a bunch)!  Not to mention the articles, features, interviews, food news, trends, products highlights and more.

The magazine is a really the perfect and ultimate gift for you and the many people you love.  So this Chanukah give the gift that keeps on coming!  THE MORE YOU GIVE THE MORE YOU SAVE.

You can curl up with this issue on your couch, you can rough it up in the kitchen and you can put a bow on it and give it to a friend.  Just promise me you will not miss-it.  Yes trite turn of a phrase I know but really YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS ONE and that's the honest to goodness truth!

Get yours and give yours today

Happy Chanukah!