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Joy of Kosher: Best of Kosher Awards

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You, our dear readers, are the arbiters of taste in all things, but especially in all things kosher. Who better than YOU to select the best of the best in kosher? I can think of no one better suited and I present to you our first annual Joy of Kosher BEST OF KOSHER AWARDS.

Starting NOW you can nominate and vote for your favorite products, restaurants, kosher food personalities and more!

Beginning now through January 11, 2012, you can nominate any eligible company or brand and vote for your favorite nominee in up to ten categories, including: Best Kosher Restaurant, Best Kosher Chef, Best New Kosher Cookbook, Best New Kosher Product, Best Passover Resort, Best Kosher Caterer, Best Kosher B&B/Hotel, Best Kosher Blog, Best Kosher Supermarket, and Best Kosher Winery.

Winners will be announced online on February 1, 2012 and in the February issue of the magazine.

The Joy of Kosher Best of Kosher Awards in addition to being loads of fun will really give everyone a chance to showcase their favorite kosher brands and products and encourage even more creativity and innovation in the world of Jewish food. Now that’s worth a little something something, don’t you think? Nominate your favorites today. Click this link: BEST OF KOSHER AWARDSto NOMINATE and vote for your favorites.