Good Bye Desert, Hello Hawaii!!!

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For 40 years the Jews traveled the Sinai desert in search of a future, now Jews around the globe are in search of a place to relax. There's one problem: No kosher food. Search no further because we have found the solution: Dani Klein, author of the “Yeah That’s Kosher” blog, has created a source of information for the kosher traveler. With a narrative description of his personal voyages, Dani shows us how to travel, the Kosher way. In his last trip to The Galapagos Islands, Dani explains how, “There are no kosher restaurants in the Galapagos Islands, not even vegetarian or vegan ones.” He mentions joining a kosher tour, but there is one more solution. has a variety of kosher meals available online. Travelers have the option of having there meals shipped to there destination, or bringing them along. Don't get stuck or change your planes because you can't find kosher food. Plan ahead with, and