Where The Wild Rice Recipes Are

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Wild Rice with Carrots and Beets

For a crunchy, nutty, slightly sweet simanim side dish try my Wild Rice with Carrots and Beets recipe.  Beets are a siman for “removing our enemies” and carrots for “increasing our merits.” I added rice and raisins just ‘cause I like ’em and pecans for crunch.  Some people have the custom not to eat any nuts on Rosh Hashanah and even through Simchat Torah.  We personally refrain only from walnuts so in our kitchen pecans are fair game!  Thankfully! But obviously follow your custom and keep or remove the pecans from the recipe as you see fit.  Rabbi Lawrence explains the nut custom here.

What’s your favorite Rosh Hashanah siman and why?  It could be your fave because of its taste, or because you gravitate to its symbolic meaning.

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