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Gefilte Fish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

At most events I do, inevitably a woman comes up to me with a story.

She speaks of inheriting her grandmother's gefilte fish recipe or some other such occurrence that leads her to following the directions of an old time version with the first instruction being:

"Take the fish out of the bathtub..."

So now you, like me, are wondering -- what was her frozen loaf doing in the tub? If you are not like me and know that there once was a time, way back when, in a land far far away, people who actually made their own gefilte fish from scratch (ahhhh!). My grandmother did in fact make hers from scratch. But it wasn't in fact authentic gefilte fish. We called it Falsha Fish meaning "fake fish" in Yiddish because hers was actually fleish (meat!). She made a sweet white croquette from ground chicken breast with a jellied broth and sliced carrots. Looked like gefilte, tasted like gefilte but thankfully didn't begin with a chicken in the tub.

Gefilte is one of those things you are into or you're not. Even though its technically pareve (unless of course you are making falsha fish) it's kinda hard to be pareve on the subject. We are pretty die-hard in our house. Hubby likes, no let me clarify, loves the jarred version. Can you believe it? Any others like him out there? Speak now or forever hold it! It's because, of course, he grew up eating it, even though his step-mom was a crazy good cook, that's what she served. I'll eat the jellied broth from the jar because it reminds me of my Ma (my Grandmother) but that's about it. I, on the other hand, really do love the frozen loaf. Don't you just love this. Finally hubby and I agree on food. "Yes" gefilte fish. But "No"! G-d forbid we like the same kind.

So at least he keeps it easy for me and I go creative all twisty and turny on what to do with the frozen loaf. I've got an awesome dress up your gefilte fish recipe that I'm hard at work on for my new book but since that won't be out for 2 years.... I leave you with this little bit of history and then a few cool creative gefilte recipes.

Gefilte fish, “the” Jewish food for Shabbos and holiday festivities, was invented by some ingenious Jewish women many generations ago to help diners avoid tangling with bones while they ate. The word itself means “filled” in Yiddish, referring to the original practice of filling the fish’s skin with ground fish. From the fish in your bathtub of course.

If you've got your own special gefilte fish recipe, homemade or even semi homemade or something super quick prep (for me!) please submit it here and help us, help you, help us build the most comprehensive gefilte fish database on the web. Now who knew there was a market for that?

Here are some gefilte fish recipes:

Gefilte Fish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce
Pink Rimmed Gefilte Fish
Gefilte Fish Jardinière
Mexican Gefilte Fish
Salmon Gefilte Fish
Thai Fish Cakes

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