Free Chicken for Passover Contest

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Enter for your chance to win a 6 lb roaster from Kol Foods.

Go to our Facebook page and tell us:

How do you like your chicken? (eg. boiled, broiled, fried, with ketchup...)

Earn an extra entry for the contest by sharing this link on your Facebook wall.

Contest runs from April 4th through midnight on April 7th. Two winners will be selected at random on April 8th.  Contest open to US residents only.

You can't find chicken like KOL Foods' in grocery stores. In today's factory farms, they don't have the patience to allow their chickens the time to grow past 3 or 4 lbs. Pecking around green pastures, KOL Foods chickens grow healthy and develop an intense flavor unparalleled in conventional chicken. Our Amish farmers, David and Amos, raise our chickens outdoors, producing delicious poultry that is healthier, more ethical, and more environmentally friendly than conventionally raised birds. When you roast our pasture-raised chicken, you’ll discover new meaning in the phrase “it tastes like chicken.”

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