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Favorite Things

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Here are some of our favorite things, featured in Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine.  All are available from our favorite store, Kitchen Clique, owned by our favorite gadget girl, Faigie Sprecher.

pretty bubbles

India Tree Decorating Sugars and Decoratifs. Prices vary at KitchenClique.com.


Tovolo Mini Whip Cream Whipper $14.99 at KitchenClique.com.


Batter Babies $4.99 at KitchenClique.com. Cake Babies are $7.99.
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Pinch n Pour

Chef’n Sleekstor Pinch Pour Prep Bowls. $9.99 at KitchenClique.com.
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Smiley Pancake

Smiley Face Pancake Pan $34.99 at KitchenClique.com
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