Entertaining Kosher Education DVD From The OU

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The Orthodox Union is now offering four entertaining DVD's, as an outreach program to the public. The DVD's are entitled: Kosher Kidz, The Kosher Fish Primer, Kosher Birds: Who Are They, and Kosher Meat: Unexplored Frontiers With Rabbi Belsky. All DVD's offer kosher consumers, and their kids, a chance to explore the world of Kashruth and Jewish Law in a fun and exciting manner. OU Kosher's educational programs also include the "OU Kosher coming" project, which sends OU's Rabbinic coordinators to schools, synagogues, college campuses and communities - enlightening thousands. To purchase a DVD at $5, a complete set at $24, or to request "OU Kosher Coming" program for your institution, or community - contact Safrane@ou.org.

Source:  www.ou.org