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Don't Become A Vegetarian So Fast, Still Has Meat!!!

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Newspapers and reporters around the country are reporting a "kosher meat shortage."  Agriprocessors kosher-meat plant ceased all of its operations due to a raid on its plant in May, charging them with employment of illegal immigrants and underage workers.  "Financial problems at the company that was the target of one of the largest immigration raids in U.S. history have triggered a shortage of kosher meat and raised prices nationwide," says USA Today.  The meat shortage has affected most butchers and supermarkets around the country.

"Last week, the production slow-down at the Postville plant finally hit the nation’s kosher markets and, by extension, kosher consumers. Retailers from coast to coast report trouble getting orders filled..." says Intermountan Jewish News. Even Fresh Direct, has closed down its kosher-meat department on its website. But before you have thoughts of becoming a vegetarian, visit, where you will still find the freshest kosher beef around. Order now before its too late, and receive a shipment of fresh meat delivered straight to your door!!!