Decadent Molasses Spice Bundt Cake

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In real estate, the three things that matter are: Location, location, location. And in cooking, the three P’s are: Presentation, presentation, presentation.

Even ordinary foods get “oohs” and “aahs” when the presentation is something special. And the ultimate presentation trick is a Bundt cake. A Bundt pan is one of G-d’s many gifts to a non-baker. It can make any cake look like a patchka, even if it’s out of a box.

So today I present you with a savory, decadent, spicy cake perfect for cold weather: Molasses Spice Bundt Cake with Bourbon Pecan Glaze. This is a special twist on a “comfort dessert” for the winter season. There’s a richness here that suggests a cozy fireside and the perfect cup of tea.

Cinnamon, nutmeg allspice and molasses give your Bundt cake a delicious aroma as it bakes, plus that extra special taste. And the bourbon pecan glaze – magnifique! It adds the extra WOW factor, making this cake the perfect dessert for Shabbos night dinner while the winter winds howl outside. Bring it to the table whole and slice it as your guests watch. It’s a fabulous ending to a great meal.

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And if you are really in a rush just bake your cake out of a box in your heavenly bundt pan and smile as you serve it, I won’t tell!