Chilled Summer Soups

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chilled pea and mint soup

I love soup.

I really love soup.

Really, really, really.

There I said it. And am not at all embarrassed by the fact that hot soup on a hot day is appetizing to me. My grandfather (may he rest in peace) ate it to cool off on a hot day, smack in the middle of the day. Chicken soup, in 95 degree weather, on a Tuesday afternoon…yes! So he ate it, we ate it and we loved it.

But alas I know I am not with the masses on this one.

So summer soups are supposed to be cool and lighter yet filling at the same time (gosh talk about pressure).

I didn’t want to do the traditional tomato gazpacho or the played out fruit soups that everyone has a million and one recipes for. So I was inspired by an old issue of English Chef Jamie Oliver’s mag (great name, great chef, great personality). All the prices are in pounds, all the measurements in metrics and there are a ton of features on shellfish and some form of pig in every other recipe it seems... but the picture of his chilled pea and mint soup just spoke to me so I went for it.

cucumber gaspacho

Cucumber Gazpacho

And then I went on this green kick. So I bring to you Jamie Geller’s (nothing like talkin’ about yourself in the 3rd person, but I feel the need to clarify this ain’t Jamie Oliver’s recipe) savory, summer, quick, kosher and cool Cucumber Gazpacho and Chilled Pea and Mint Soup.

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