5-Ingredient Recipes - Joy of Kosher

Ok - so these are the 5-ingredient recipe rules: Salt, pepper, olive oil, canola oil, water and cooking spray don’t count. I expect you to have these essentials on hand. I won’t assume the same for toasted sesame oil (although you really should have this essential in your cupboard also, but I will forgive you if you don’t).

I toyed around with doing 5 ingredient recipes for the next book but then thought the wiser… it felt just a bit too limiting and too gimmicky. Do you agree?

But I decided I could flex my 5-ingredient creativity here on the blog and in the mag and maybe see if you guys have any great 5-ingredient recipes of your own to share. Do you? So, nu, do tell!

Here are even more of my 5 ingredient BL&D (breakfast, lunch and dinner) ideas plus some soups for good measure (you know I LOVE soup).

A 5-ingredient recipe is very doable and feels the opposite of overwhelming. And these days with the kiddies about to enter a 3 week break between camp and school, while I still have to work full time, I need some very non-overwhelming dinner ideas, things that are fun, things that the kids will eat, things that seem like a treat but really were a cinch to make -- hence my 5-ingredient recipes.

PS. Tonight I am making waffles for dinner - Sunday’s JoK recipe of the day Oatmeal Pecan Waffles (I was too rushed this past Sunday) with a side of eggs – sometimes we all need a special treat, even if camp hasn’t officially ended yet.