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Favorite Things

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Here are some of our Favorite Things:

annie glass bowl

Annie Glass Bowl

Glass petaled bowl gorgeous for any table.

michael aram tulip servers

Michael Aram Tulip Serving Spoons

Made of aluminum and enamel they poetically capture this fleeting flower.

ice cream  maker

Cusinart ICE-21

The popular cuisinart machine is super easy to use, with great results in about 20 minutes.

watermelon knife

Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife

Watermelon is a family favorite, but cutting those colossal melons is a huge chore. This watermelon knife is up to the task.


Chef’n Garlic Machine

Garlic always stuck in your press? Don't want to take out the processor for just a few cloves? The Garlic Machine lets you get more out of your clove, and you can even store whole cloves inside for up to 3 weeks. Fresh garlic flavor is in your future.


Zoku Ice Pop Maker

Kids need instant gratification. Cookies bake in ten minutes, but wait a whole for ices? No way. That's why we absolutely love the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Make fun and even healthy ice pops that freeze in literally minutes.


Talisman Design Cherry Chomper

The kids picked this one! It's never been so much fun to take the pits out of the cherry.


CuisiPro Scoop & Stack

Want to plate your ice cream like a food stylist? This Cuisipro scoops squares off your scoop...stack them high on your cone. You can also use it to plate almost any food in a neat little mound.